Trade Nudes, now sex?

You have traded nude photos online with a hot girl.  You want to take this friendship to next level i.e. sex. Would you go for it?

For Boys

There is nothing wrong in trading nude photos, if she agrees with you. Problem arises when you are already in relationship or married. It can ruin your personal life like never before.  Better option would be to tell your online nude friend that you are only looking for sex, not for relationship. It will make your stand clear to opposite parties. Strong chances are that 9 out of 10 girls deny you sex. Still, there are adventurous girls looking forward to wonderful time.

Above rule is applicable to person in committed relationship. However if you are single; you can meet any girl for your liking. Don’t ask for sex straight as it would look cheap. Instead, ask for a coffee, or a romantic dinner date. Behave like true gentlemen and see how she opens up herself. If everything goes fine, you may end up finding your soul-mate through trading nude photos.

For Women

It can be a bit tricky for women.  You have no clue if the other person is looking for fun or has come up with wrong intentions. Better option would be to suggest him a casual date like meeting in a coffee shop, taking a walk in park to know him better.   In case, you like the guy; there is no harm in having sex. Just ensure that he doesn’t take your nude pictures.