Top 15 ways people ask to Send Nudes or Trade Nudes!

nudes you either have them send them, or you at least want them, but sometimes in this age of going technology, it's not always easy to get now in this trade nudes guys welcome back to top 10s. My name is Patrick and we are going to be going over. The top 15 send nude pictures or trade nudes. So there's like this growing trend going on right now doing something: that's just normal something you'd be doing every day and then somehow incorporating the said nudes thing into it and that's what we're going to be looking at today. Now, if you guys could please leave a like on this trade nudes as well subscribe to channel if you're nude, I'm sure I mean your your crush - is probably gon na. Send your nudes. If you do that, okay - maybe not but anyways, that would be most appreciated now, let's get into it coming in at number 15. This is the ketchup one. So if you don't know this trend already, this trade nudes will probably give you a good idea of how this works, but basically this is it number fourteen. I just got more Pokemon whores, okay, oh no! I dropped my pokemon cards. What a clever kid you know! I wish I was that smart, when I was that young number thirteen just another day in the office, [ Music ], moving down to number 12. Our dude is just playing with some letters on first fridge or something and oh, my goodness, what just happened? Oh shit ha got him moving down to Deborah 11 by dude has just tried to play some Jenga, and you know he clearly goes for the wrong one here. But man is it that weird, how they just aligned like that yeah very, very surprising, coming in at number 10, and as we go through these they're gon na give progressively more and more complicated, more more tricky they've got some dude and you know he should try To get some Cheerios, but you know they spilt Everywhere's. I think we could all agree how annoying that becomes. Bobeck douse it up or die. We'Ve got slow with the steel just trying to maybe do like a magic trick or something here baby. You know she trusts someone get some nudes and I got ta say I think that this will definitely be getting all those nude photos coming in at number eight. I can't believe this, but somebody actually took the time to take up all the letters of the alphabet and do a light sequence to spell out, send nudes that right there is some real dedication. Also I'll give you a bonus cookie. If you can name what this is from anyways onto number eight, no, no! No! We were just on number eight. This is. This is clearly number seven anyways. You may have seen this trade nudes on YouTube before it's got. 12 million views of this dude playing this instrument that makes noises that that's what most instruments do. I don't really know what this is called Eddie's going in or she I don't know who's. I don't know who's play this, but you'll notice that, although it's just this crazy trade nudes uh wait, did you see that yes, well, that down? What did that say so clever and I'm sure very few people actually spotted it, but I got a gif of it. That was amazing, willing down to number six. We'Ve got a trigger not-safe-for-work, mr Mackey warning, because this one contains drugs, but this is our number six spot. I like this one just because I think it's actually really clever. Ah Andy, that's it's! It'S helideck! Hella lit! Oh to ten, and that is it moving down to our number five spot. I don't know if you guys have seen this nude game that came out, but it looks pretty cool. I mean personally, I've never played it, but dang wait! Oh okay! I see you not bad moving down to number four. We'Ve got the original noodle flip, so this is the one that I feel like kind of has inspired this whole trend. This one has been shared over Facebook YouTube. I really saw it on Reddit and I think it's just number one. It'S really well done like it. The first time I saw it, I didn't even realize what was going on till it was too late and that's kind of the best thing about this is when they really actually take you by surprise at the noodle one again. It was the original. It'S very clever and honestly, it kind of just makes me want some doodles ha ha ha get get it nudes, noodles. Okay, number! Three! Everybody likes a good game of beer pong and this is well. Let'S watch it. So no okay, he's gon na throw it into this one cup here right looks wait, wait what okay! I still don't even understand what is going on with this one, so he's gon na throw that something something something it's gon na bounce down and land in the cup. This is amazing because you obviously think it's going in that little cup and that would be impressive as it is, and then it kind of disappears and boom into the side. nudes Cup well done, sir, to whoever created that pirate pen mate comes in at number. Three move it down to number two: this is going to be line riders, so you guys remember this game. I used to play it all the time, another one that is just so unsuspecting, because the first time I saw this on reddit I was like this is actually really cool this guy's getting it. I wish I could make this I mean I probably could, if I put the time in oh okay, okay, clever enough, I think they get the biggest and coolest part of this whole challenge or whatever. If you want to call it, this trend is when it's unsuspecting and this one just so well done so cleverly crafted it kind of makes me want to play lime Ryder and it's almost like a perfect infinite loop. If you know there's any ways that is our number two spot and coming it at our number one spot we've got a csgo one. This one is just super well edited, and this thing that you see it right here is not if this was like a lesser csgo on, but this actual one is about thirty seconds long i'll, just let it play out for you guys. Yes, we shall rue the day, nothing, let's go easy, peasy lemon squeezy, so I'm not sure who made this or where it comes from. It looks like some sort of foreign, maybe youtuber or just like something online, but the reason I chose is this number one. It'S just simply because it's really the only one that made me laugh out loud. It was that good, like it's just so bizarre. This guy looks like an idiot and the entire thing like that. It'S just really well put together to the point where I don't know. I just think that this was like so much so far above everything else, there's absolutely no way that this couldn't have been our number one spot so anyways guys that is going to be our list. I really hope that you enjoyed this trade nudes normally. I know I don't cover the trends so much. I kind of leave that up to Mack and Mitch I just kind of go off in my own random direction and just do whatever the heck. I'M feeling trade nudes game related or not uh, but this was just one that I personally saw, and I thought was really really funny and I've got a few chuckles out of it. I thought maybe just putting a full compilation together would be good, because I was like looking for this kind of stuff because as a fan, there's not all that many and I really had to go digging through like reddit Instagram and all that stuff anyways guys. That is going to be the trade nudes for today again make sure to subscribe to the channel, make sure to leave a like on this trade nudes me and Matt and Mitch are going to be doing daily trade nudes for December. So that's that. Thank you guys for watching I'll, see you later peace.