Send Nudes Please!

 How do you get a girl to send nudes? Let'S find out. Excuse me quick question: how much are the hotdogs and how do you send nude? All upset huh dude. All excuse me Jacob satorious, we're saying is the classiest way or the smoothest way. You could ask the girl for her nudes those angelic pictures, you don't you don't fuck get exposed, bro fuck, that you do at the fuck ya exam kind of sucks bro that was kind of a Susskind right there. Oh, no! I'M not trying to see a girls nudes, the secret is sending a dick pic. Is you don't put your face in it? Exactly take it next to a candy bar yeah see how big it is, but this is a fun sized one. So this one's for me for yourself, you might have to take whatever size. That'S that's appropriate original key size, a whopping, six inches use that to help me send dick pick. It'S a good! You know, you know. You'Ve got a right ears to get the double field. Everything thank you all about perspective nudes. I'M horny right now, I'm trying to eat my meat, raw honesty, yeah raw, honest that works out yeah ii, but i will let your mic. Somebody also some nudes to be honest, he's going humming shit bro, but nobody knows like what is fuck you first fucking yeah yeah, i'm you see some see something i'd be like. Let me see some so my ego yeah. Let me see some well. Thank you for your time. Let me see some introduce through that, like kind of give me so like what like climax, my usher, but the weekend we're out here struggling looking for baddies when we got sick for oh right here, why look for them when you could go fucking camping it? How does a guy properly or smoothly ask for nudes? There'S no good way? Yes, I don't mean to bother you, but I would like to know, and he pulls that you look so nice. Have you guys ever gotten dick dick pics yeah? I don't you know like what, if a guy sent a dick pic with the Statue of Liberty, light put the torch right next to your day and your dick is the Statue of Liberty, that's a fuck. That would definitely get her way. You know you guys have been very inspirational today. Thank you for your time. Statue of Liberty days make it happen, fellas. How do you ask the girl put lightly to send nudes, so what I would do is I'll have like two tall grasses and put the eye balls to the side. Looking they say she says she's going to the bathroom plus you don't take a shower yeah. They put the side, I I send it it's like. I want to see how would she get the hen alright. So basically, it's like I'm in the bushes, I'm looking. Oh, I wan na see I wan na see and normally she she guess it depends depends on one talk. It depends on the relationship. So if I'd be talking to you for a while, then you already gave me nudes before it's fine. If not, that I'm explicit like asking for nudes all about timing, timing, yeah yeah, you got timing perfect. Let'S say she says she's trying something on that's new. She just bought something and she's destroyed. You say hey! Let me see, let me get a picture of that or she goes to the bathroom she about take a shower. She just took a shower. She just come off she bout to close our pictures. You got, you got perfectly verbatim what what we'll be able to text? Usually cuz, you don't say, send nudes right actually tell me about the shower and she didn't put on clothes yeah you, but I can't get a picture. You don't say, master Kakashi taught me great things, Master Kakashi all right! Thank you so much. If any of that help, you get some nudes, shit fucking how it was terrible advice, but yeah. If it did. Let me know on my Instagram at Jimbo slice, shameless fucking plug just just follow me. A little update, I'm gon na, be in LA for the next month and a half and the reason why I'm moving out for love is just like nobody's gon na stop and answer questions and negative 50 degree weather here in New York, but yeah. That'S it drop a thumbs up if you liked the nudes.