How to Trade Nudez

What'S up guys it's over it, and today I got a story for you. That'S pretty much something that you guys always ask me about. I always say comments like bro: how do you get nudes from girls? How do you talk to girls? How are girls, why are girls sending you booty, pics, what's going on here? How do you get booty pics from girls? So often this is a comment that I get a lot because if you guys watch my life stories, you know that I got a lot a lot of stories about like parties and friends and even more about girls right. I got a ton of stories about girls. I don't know why that is, it just is how it falls, and this is something that people have always asked me forever, so I'm gon na finally tell you exactly how it goes down make sure you drop a like on this. If you support the content - and I'm gon na, tell you how to do it through the use of a little story, so right now, you guys I'm actually 24 years old and I've probably been giving nudes from girls since I've legit been in, like seventh grade like Since I've been like 11 or 12, so I've kind of had like a lot of time to perfect this, like even my friends, will sometimes bar my phone and they'll be like dude. Why are there so many nudes on your phone? What'S what is happening here? I'M lucky because I get because I talk to girls. Girls send nudes because that's a part of the human experience, if you like somebody - and you find somebody attractive. Of course, you're gon na be flirtatious. You'Re gon na have like some sexting going on you're gon na go on date. Stuff like this is going to happen, and one of my friends and I think he's okay with me saying his name is one of my good friends. Actually, his name is Damien and he's actually one of my ex-girlfriends young he's. One of my ex-girlfriends younger brothers is who he is, and we've always been cool, like he's a really cool dude, so we've always been really good friends actually and one time in specific, I'm gon na explain to you this through use of a story right once, I'm In specific, this guy was talking to a girl and he was like dude. I keep trying to get her to send me nudes, but like she just won't, send me nudes and I don't know why, like I'm asking for them but and she's like flirting with me, but she won't send me the nudes I was like dude. You know why she won't send you news, because you're being a goddang, creeper and you're immediately asking for nudes, rather than like being cool, making the girl, comfy and letting her know, everything's gon na be all right. You'Re, not some, like scary, creeper, predator guy out on the loose to get her. Do you like? That'S? Why you you look like a stalker right now. What are you just like bro, a girl, send me nudes somebody that booty big, though let me see that booty though like if you legit, come out and just say out of nowhere. It is the weirdest most creepiest thing ever. Obviously, let me say this first off dude. If you want nudes like now, if you want nudes nowadays, snapchat snapchat, you will get all the nudes. It is so easy to get nudes on snapchat. It is ridiculously easy if you want to step-by-step guide on how to get news on snapchat. I can do that too, but right now we're just talking about straight texting right we're just talking about you texting a girl, and you want nudes right we're going to cover that, because snapchat is too easy. Trade Nudes is like cheat codes to get nudes and now I feel like I should make a video talking about that. Snapchat is the easiest nude getter app in the world. It should be renamed to nude app like get the nudes app booty pic app whatever you want to call it. It should not be called snapchat in any way shape or form whatsoever, but but aside, my friend and I was like you can't be going in that hard trying to get nudes from girls and he's like well. How do you do it dude? So here's what I told him I said first off when you texting the girl, you don't ask for nudes right away. You definitely don't ask the first night it just kind of gets a little bit creepy. Maybe if you're like deep in the conversation, the first night you can, but generally, I would wait two or three days before you start hitting her up for nudes right and the way you get. These nudes is not by being a super weird and asking for nudes immediately. The way you go about. It is simply by like texture being cool with her for a minute first and then make like a yo like. I don't have a picture of you to save. To your contact information in my phone, like, I would like a picture of you, so whenever you text me your little face pops up, I think that would be freaking adorable. I do that for me right now. Alright, like do that for me, so that I have a picture you, so I always know it's. You and they'll be like okay and first off they're, probably going to send you like an picture or a picture that they look super good in and you're. Like look, here's the thing, I don't want an picture. You know why. Cuz everybody probably uses that picture for your app you're gorgeous. Why would anybody not use that picture for your phone? You know number whatever everybody's gon na use that one I want. My own special picture like that way. I know that I'm special cuz, I am I'm super special and don't be afraid to say that you guys, you can definitely say that. There'S nothing wrong with that, like Greta, isn't a little bit cocky or douchey or like cheesy or whatever. Yes, it is, but it's also funny which makes it okay alright, so you can say that, like yeah yeah, my own special picture that way. I know that I'm special, because I am you know, send me a picture of just like how you look right now like, however, you look right now is perfect. Send me that picture, but don't be afraid to like make it sexy or anything, go ahead, feel free to make it a little bit sexy that way. Whenever you text me, I know right away, it's you and I can be like god, dang, there's that girl she lookin fine as eff today, as always, don't be afraid to make a picture sexy. But I want one: that's just my own boom easiest way ever to get the first picture. I didn't know, I'm like when a girl does that they'll like do something like. Oh, here's a little sexy lip bite for you or here's a little bit of cleavage and then from there you just move on. Oh hey, this picture is awesome. Can I you know, could you send this picture, but without this or can you send this picture with a little bit more of this? Or could you send this picture with more of like a mirror pic of your booty in the picture and that's just kind of how you gently ease your way into the conversation right? You don't just come out full blast ahead. Send me nudes you just don't do that, so I told my friend Damian this method right and from then on. Like literally two days, Larry hits me up he's like dude. Girls won't stop sending me nudes, I don't know, what's happening bro, I don't know what's happening and I was like bro. The magic works right he's like dude. It does work, oh my god bro. This is amazing and that's the story of how I taught him to get anything still to this day. I'M pretty sure that that's the method right really easy so and that's how it is with everything in life. You don't just go out of your way and try to do so. You got to walk before you can run. You got to be cool, but otherwise you're gon na come off as a creeper, immediately dude, and that's just like one of the ways on how to get nudes. But you guys always ask me for this story like dude. How do you get nude? That'S how you don't like don't overthink it, don't be a weirdo and just go in there and be like hey. Can I help nudes? That'S weird. You got ta at least establish some sort of connection first and be cool with the girl right, your booties poppin in them jeans girl. You know I'm saying probably popping even more out of it. I'M just saying bro, but that's creepy. Don'T do that all right! All right so just a little story about how I taught my friend how to get nude. I thought it was pretty funny man and it's kind of like good advice, don't be that creepy guy, just asking girls for nudes. That'S weird. I hope this helps some creeper out there to not be that much of a creeper, but either way hope that you definitely enjoyed the story. I hope that you did drop a like on it. If you guys support the content here subscribe if you're new. Thank you. So much for 11,000 subscribers on this channel y'all are absolutely up. Oh man, I'll see you tomorrow with another story: