How to Trade nudes 101

How to get trade nudes aka, the butt-naked aka, the new tease.. This is for people that are trying to get nudes from girls off the internet. You know I'm saying stuff like that: trying to get nudes from girls in real life of just be sure to check out my other videos and stuff like that. They'Ll probably help you a lot. You know better, but anyways um, so yeah, I'm gon na tell you guys how I like do it or how I used to do it because I'm kind of retired from that right now, uh, since I'm in a relationship and shit like that, can't be doing that. So, on what I used to do is I used to use two apps and I use Trade Nudes website . Alright, just these two apps, I used to use Instagram and kick alright guys know. What kick is kick is like a messenger and I'm saying so: it's just a messaging app. You just you know, message people stuff like that, so it's good app to use um and I use Instagram alright. Now, let's talk about kick right, quick um kick actually has like these built in. I don't know what you wan na call them, I'm not. I don't want to say apps, but they're kind of like apps and they got like there's one called chat. Now, there's one call match and chat and basically you can like match up with other girls. I guess and you can chat with them so um, let's see if you like, they give you like a list of like females, you know sound like they showed a picture or whatever, and you click it. You know saying you click like yes or no, something like that. You know saying, and they click gets on. Yours too. You click YES on their guy on my truck and then I start talking and doing stuff like that. That'S a good way to UM. Do it uh or the way I like, do it with Instagram? Is you know I'm saying just finding going through typing in some hashtags and I'm saying some random, hashtags or stuff like that? And then you might run into a bad bitch alleges run into a girl in general. You know I'm saying and on what you might see a girl that you like a mine that look good way cuz she could be bought as early, but you just wan na get nudes from no I'm saying um hit her up on our dams or something or A surfer kid comment under pictures stuff like that: that's that's, probably the easiest way, but when doing that, you just got to make sure your profile, looking good or whatever good you are gon na share know talk to you. So, that's that's how I see it on some other ways. You could you know um. If you don't want to use those two ways. You can always try Facebook. You know, I don't really use Facebook um. You can use just about anything on the internet. You know. I'M saying uh, let's see, there's this one site called. What is it I cannot think of it. I cannot think of the name of it fuck. I really cannot um, you know, Jenna got all types of dating sites that you could use, use tinder you can use on. Oh no, they got all types of apps know it check your home. Take the Apple Store, not the Apple Store, but uh iTunes Store or the Google Play Store just check for certain option on San fuck. There'S use Twitter you can use just about anything. Alright. Just to find bitch is that I'm telling you bitches are all over the Internet. Shit. If you, if you real enough, you know saying, if you got the game, you can try that youtube comment section all right there, plenty of places where you can find girls to get the nudes from my is really freaking. Easy I'm like so serious is, is really easy, so um, that's really all I have for today guys that's just no I'm giving you guys some ways you can find girls, I'm saying just the Internet. Alright, it's the simplest way to break it down. The internet. Is the best way to find bitches to get the nudes from so I hope you guys enjoyed this video be sure to LIKE and subscribe if you knew and be sure to check out part 2 about on how to conversate with girls. You know I'm saying the art of conversation that video is probably gon na, be going up, maybe Tuesday. You know I'm saying so be sure to check that video out when it um no drops so. Oh, my name is Alonso. Keep it true, and I catch you guys in the next one, I'm out peace,