How to Trade Nude Pics Online with Girls

All right, so you clicked on this hoping to know how to get nudes by the end of it you're right. First of all, before I start this snap fuck.I know you search on the search bar, maybe how to get you then first thing that pops Josh, of course, cuz.  So, like I was saying you see, Josh you watch this snap fuck. It kind of made me make sense, but I'm trying to make a deeper snap fuck cuz. I got better ways. Of course, I'm gon na take his way and put it in my style and put more and more and more personally, the target girls that you need to you know try to get take somebody that's insecure of their body cuz. If it's the a1 chick at your school, you could forget that, and even if she goes to your school, that that is kind of awkward cuz yeah, it is awkward. So personally, what I did in the days was adding a lot and a lot of girls on Instagram, like maybe I followed 200 feet, not two hundred two thousand girls, and you know when they post a cute selfie. I slide in the DMS. You know I have a conversation and I'm just like oh anyways, I'm not that often on Instagram can I add John snapchat or something and when you say snapchat or something the first username that she's gon na send you is her snapchat, okay, guys. This is one important step to have around snapchat. If she says she doesn't have snapchat we'll give up cuz. I don't want you guys to go to prison if she sends you on Instagram or on Facebook. Cuz that's evidence, but on snapchat there is no evidence. You met this girl, you add it on snapchat what else to do just talk with her. It takes time. I don't want you guys to ask her on the first day, take time first of all have a discussion with her tell her she's, pretty blah blah blah and she's gon na tell you now, I'm not pretty and you're, just like yeah you're pretty all while I'm Not sure, can you send me a picture of you, so I can see and she's gon na send you her face. So you got an idea, and you say: oh my god, you're the prettiest girl. I ever see. Well, don't rade but say: oh my god, you're fucking cute. If I could live close to you, I would do this for you. You know I would date you and blah blah try to make your cash feeling, while not catch me well temporarily, catch feeling. Sometimes it does happen in one day as it can take one week or even one month. No, I can guarantee you it could take from one day to one week and if it doesn't work well, guess what I'm really sorry. I don't know because it's always waited for me compliment her on her looks and the best time to strike for nudes bruh. You see the Sun right now when it's not there. This is a good time. So if it's in the summer and it's eight o'clock, don't ask because the Sun is still out so that means their parents are still awake. Wait till everybody's sleeping! Well, when you take, everybody is sleeping cuz honestly, my mom is sleeping around as soon as the moon comes so yeah and don't ask your like send me nudes, please, like a lot of guy, does when I was with my best friend. Oh, my god thirsty motherfucking niggas, oh my god, can you send me nudes, you look so pretty that's not the way. So you ask her for pictures of her face and you know just try to get a little bit cockier like so I like that shirt, but I can see your bra or anything. I guess you understand what I mean and if you don't understand, okay, I'll guess I'll go into details. Just for you guys who doesn't know what I mean. What I did was some time like um I was like. Oh, do you want to play a game and blah blah blah and don't don't do strip? Well, yes, you can do strip, that's a good idea too, but it's long. Okay, don't say: okay, I'm gon na, send you a picture of my shirt and then your shirt and then my belly and then your belly. No, no. It doesn't work like that. Be sure that you are in control of this situation so you're just like. Oh damn you look fine. Can you send me a picture of you like maybe in the mirror? Okay, I guess she's gon na, send you a picture of it in the mirror and you're just like damn your body is so cute? No, no! No! No! No! No! No, no! No! No! No! No! No! What the fuck in my face! Okay, you ask you're a picture of your face. Then smooth talk to go a little bit lower and you know just tease tease, that's the only action you need to do tease so teaser too. Maybe send you a picture of her bra her booty like her booty, Willy legging, that that's a beginning of course, and then you just like okay. Well, can I see underneath your legging and bla la la be a little bit cocky and if it's her boobs she's, sometimes she's just gon na, send you a boob crack, that's maybe a good sign or maybe she's, just an Instagram hole. That'S not the same thing like if she sends you a boot cracking. You know she's like trying to tease you, you just say I'll, stop teasing me: bla bla bla, it's not cool. She showed me a little bit more and bla bla, but try to sweet-talk her and to sending you some and I got one-in-a-million techniques and of course you could always say all right. Well, if you send me a little bit of heat, I'm gon na send you a little bit of heat and at this point guys guys. I want you to listen to me closely. Okay, don't set your dick if I ever learned that you send your dick bro, I don't know what I'm gon na do with you, I'm black. All I do is black cock. I go on tumblr I go on Google. I go on any search web that I could find black cock. I'M sorry, no homo pause on that and note the photo are not saved in my in my phone, okay, so yeah. If she wants you to send it first just send a picture you took on Google, Tumblr, Instagram or whatever. If she doesn't send you some back, you just got fucked, but if she sends you some back, of course, if you have like your mom's cell phone, just take a picture of your own screen and then send it to your Facebook or find a way to save It but I don't save it anyways cuz, I'm too lazy, Eddie yeah. What else can I say you got your nudes and I'm really proud of you and yeah guys. I'M really proud of you. You just had your first nude as soon as you've done those easy steps and if you got some of course, come back to my channel, don't forget to leave a like. Don'T forget to subscribe, don't forget to talk to me to a friend and don't forget to comment cuz. You know I'm the best youtuber ever so you can give me snap fucks idea that I could do for you guys, because you love you so so so so much so yeah guys yeah. It is guys I'm talking to only guys so yeah guys, hope you enjoyed the snap fuck and see you guys in another snap fuck peace.