How to Sext and Trade Nudes

I'm going to teach you how to sext how to see her naked and get her as wet as an otters pocket, without even being in the same room as her. Specifically, I'm going to teach you why you must sex the biggest mistakes men make when sexting the 11 rules of sexting and then I'm going to show you an example of one of my text conversations. There is also bonuses that go along with this. That includes examples of the rules that I give you and a breakdown of my text conversation why I sent what I sent so that you can create your own text conversations and you don't just need to copy me. Firstly, why do much sex apart, do naked photos and the improved sex life. Women love it when it comes to sex, men and women alike, Game of Thrones and Rick and muy they're not comparable, while you're bashing. It to backdoor sluts 9 she's reading fanfiction on the internet about Harry and Hermione, getting it on or you're happy to bash it out to Robert Crumb. She is reading romance novels. Let me remind you, as I do in most s, Fifty Shades of Grey was the fastest selling book in human history. Women require words to be maximally turned on, they require psychological stimulation and sexting forces you to give her nothing but psychological stimulation. Let'S get on to the biggest mistakes: men are making when they're sexting number one pestering her for pictures. The number one reason that men text sext is because they want naked photos of their girlfriend or a girl that they barely know with a message on facebook without even sending a friend request, but pestering her for pictures is the worst way to go about it. You'Re going to turn her off if you're in a relationship you're going to put a strain on the relationship and you're going to hurt your chances of getting them in the future as lame as it sounds. If you want to get naked photos of your girl, then you need to inspire her to send them. But don't worry, I'm going to teach you exactly how to do that in this mistake number two sending her pictures just because you want to see her junk. Doesn'T mean she wants to see. Yours remember when I said that men and women are like Game of Thrones and Rick and Maury we're completely different, don't assume because you like to see her naked. She wants to see you naked now. Don'T get me wrong. Some girls will want to see your dick, but they will ask you if she asked you she wants to see it. If she doesn't ask you, she doesn't want to see it mistake, number three speaking like a child. Ah, it's spelt r and, u is spelt, you don't write like a retard right, full words right, full sentences, commas full stops and everything mistake. Number four sexting a girl, you haven't fucked it. This is a big mistake and I'm telling you it's a mistake now, but half of you reading this are going to just do it anyway, so you're going to have to learn the hard way, but the reason that you should not do it is not because It won't work, it can work if she's into you, you can get her turned on. You might even be able to get her to send you some dirty photos. The problem is once you have been texting explicitly or she sent you a dirty photo she's going to feel like the next time. You see each other. If you go on a date together, if you go for a drink, the sex is going to be certain women. Don'T like this feeling, she's more likely to just make up an excuse and not turn up on the date then turn up on the day and have to face the awkwardness of maybe turning you down for sex when you've already got so explicit over text. So don't do it unless you don't care about seeing her ever again saying that was a mistake, [ Laughter ]! Now the rules of sexting rule number one start slow, don't just text her out of the blue that you're gon na stretch your ass open with this new massive dildo you've just bought off Amazon. You need to work up to that sort of thing. The first text that you should send should be not explicit in any way whatsoever, but it should be obvious what you're going for so an example of this would be. I had a dream about you. Last night, you haven't actually said anything explicit here, but you added the wink at the end, which makes it very obvious what you mean. Rule number 2 gauge her reactions. There'S two reasons that you send the text from before. One is because, if you send her something too explicit too soon, you're actually more likely to turn her off then turn her on, even though, if you send her that same text later in the conversation, it could be a massive turn-on for her. The second reason that you want to send something more subtle like that is because you need to gauge her reactions. You need to see, if she's, into having this sort of conversation right now, if she's, not if she doesn't text you back something that indicates that she wants to go further into this type of conversation, then just stop. There could be a million reasons why she doesn't want to have this conversation right now. So just don't push it any further. Just stop! If you try and push it when she's, not reciprocating you're only hurting your chances of having this sort of fun in the future. Rule number three be very descriptive. With men watch porn, there is no story line whatsoever and for most of you even that's too much story line. You load up the page and you're immediately scrolling along the bottom of the screen. Looking for when the dick goes into the pussy or the dick goes into the R, so you don't have to waste time with all of this undressing nonsense. This isn't how it is for women. They want to hear everything how you touch her. You undress her, how she feels to you how you feel to her everything just pick up a romance novel one day and look at the absurd amount of description there is in those books. So when you're texting her, you need to be extremely descriptive for examples of this, and all of the other points don't forget to check the bonuses in the next rule. Number four is be descriptive, but leave room for her imagination. For example, if you text her something along the lines of, I walk through the door, push you up against the wall, run my hand up your back and pull on your hair until it hurts that's gon na be a big turn-on for a lot of women, but It'S also going to be a big turn-off for many women as well writing about hurting them. You can avoid that simply by texting, her the same thing, but just changing it slightly, so you write. Instead, I walk through the door. Push you up against the wall run. My hand up your back and pull your hair, just how you like it now. She can fill in the gaps with her imagination if she just likes her hair to be lightly tugged on, then that's what she's going to imagine if she likes pain and being slapped about a bit, then that's what she's going to imagine rule number five used. The word my often, especially as you get more explicit if you text her something like you're, a filthy, little whore, there's a fair amount of girls that are going to get offended by this. But if you text her you're, my filthy little whore or you're, a filthy little whore just for me, then the percentage of girls that will be offended by that is much smaller, but be warned. This is not magic that you can still offend girls when using the word mine rule number six is use her name. People love the sounds of their own name, there's a reason that an entire chapter was dedicated to it in Dale Carnegie's book how to win friends and influence people. You must read that book. If you haven't read it already, you can take any text and make it way better by adding their name. The first text, for example. If I say I had a dream about you last night Lila, that is much better than just saying. I had a dream about. You last night, rule number seven convey dominance. Women, love dominance, but seriously dominance is the number one turn-on for women. It'S shown in study after study after study and Fifty Shades of Grey women love how dominant men sound. They love how dominant men look. They can even tell the difference in the smell of the cloves of dominant men. You must convey dominance. If you want some examples of how to do that over text, then don't forget to check the bonuses. Rule number eight express desire, one of the other most common turn-ons for women is the man that they love desiring them, knowing that they have a power of him that he can't control himself around her women love this. It'S the same with all of these romance books. They all have the same storyline and it's always that they have an uncontrollable power over this man. Who'S never been tamable before so you must show her this in your texts. Examples in the bonuses rule number nine, don't try to be cool, especially as things get hotter. More explicit what I mean by this is don't spend too long to text her back, especially as the conversation heats up. Men get given a lot of advice that they should take their time to text to go back, so they don't seem too needy, but and sorry that is good advice in certain situations, but not when you're sexting. If you take too long to text her back, if she's flicking her being and you take half an hour to text, her back, she's probably lost interest by then or she might be even pissed at you. So don't try and be cool, especially if you know she's by herself not doing much. It'S a different situation if you're texting throughout the day, texting dirty stuff, while she's at work expecting to have great sex. When she gets home from work, then you can space it out a little bit longer. But if you know she's on her own at home with nothing to do get back to her ASAP rule number 10 never never get butthurt. It doesn't matter if she doesn't respond to you. It doesn't matter if she responds to you, but it's not in the way you want. It doesn't matter. If she starts responding to you, then, halfway through she just suddenly stops and you're left with an erection not knowing what to do with it, never get butthurt whatever you want to achieve by getting angry at her you're not going to achieve it. You'Re only going to make her less interested in you you're only going to make it less likely that she wants to have dirty conversations with you over text in the future. Getting but her acting like a little bitch is never the answer. Rule number 11 mix it up so I've. Given you all of these rules and in a minute I'm going to give you an example, and if you go to the bonuses, then you're going to get a framework for that example, so that you can create your own texts. But you must deviate from these. At some point in the future, as you have more and more conversations with your girl, you must always be surprising her and otherwise she will get bored. She will lose interest in the conversation there must be uniqueness to every single conversation you have. That means bending the rules at some points in the future. That means breaking some of the rules at some point in the future. I suggest you leave that until you've had many a sexual conversation over text, but just be aware, there's something that you're going to need to do. And finally, here is an example of one of my conversations that I've had over text feel free to steal everything. I said in this conversation go to the bonuses to understand why I said what I said and in what order and enjoy.