How to Send Nudes when Trade Nudez

How to get nude all right bastards! . Well, I Mike I'm going to show you how to get nudes. Okay, let's just start it so you're obviously can't ask a girl for nudes. I mean you have to be retarded to just ask the girl for nude. So first, what you want to do is text you know, send her. Some messages tell her hey babe, I like you, but it has to be funny, is even going slowly asking for nudes alrighty. That surely will work or wait wait. Maybe not! Okay next example pull the gender equality 2016. Everybody is in their bullshit on her and tell her. Just go to Trade Nudes too! It is just a body heat it with for Bruce Jenner, who is now Caitlyn, Jenner, fuck it, let's bring big guns. So what you want to do is ask for it in a sneaky way. You see how these videos teaching you, how to ask a girl for nude easy simple. Let me try it real quick about some estimate bay for some nudes, because you know how player might do it. You see it worked another way to get nude. Well, just be simply asking her not just kidding just kidding, no, no, don't don't don't don't try that they'll, probably wouldn't even work. In fact, you would probably just get slap rejected and made fun of this is my last idea. I mean one hundred percent guarantee plan to get you in the house. One hundred percent guarantee take her out to dinner, buy her a drink. You know t-pain, let me buy you a drink, piyush. Some clothes then asking for some nudes all right. These are my secrets to getting nude!