How to get a girl to Send Nudes

Yo, what is going on nudes mcgee here and in today's episode of raw dating advice, we're gon na, be talking about how you can get a girl to send nudes and dirty pictures. It'S three steps like skating, okay, alright, so this is gon na, be very quick and, like I said it's three steps. If you want to get any girl to send nudes and dirty pictures now for all of you internet trolls out there and for all you guys, who think you know everything about girls and seduction whatever. Let me make this note real, quick and also for any of those guys who are actually fans abroad. Any advice, let me make this note, really quick. This is not the only way to get dirty pictures from a girl, but in my experience and in the experience of like all the guys who actually have game that have ever networked with and spoken with and just hung out with in general, this right here are The three steps, the surefire way that will work to get a girl to send nudes and dirty pictures because here's the thing like I said, there's many different ways to get this same result, but you got ta. You got ta first understand what is your end goal here? Do you want to manipulate a girl into send nudes and dirty pictures, but still not have any interest and never sleeping with you or do you want a girl to be send nudesing you dirty pictures and then craving your validation or telling her how great that picture was, and She actually wants to fuck you more alright. Let me just ask you that alright, you want a or B, because I don't know about you, but I want a girl to send nudes me dirty pictures and actually make her want to fuck me even more than she already does so here. It is if you want a girl to send nudes and amazing nude photos to your cellular device so that you can look at those whenever you want whenever she's not around, and you know get the next best thing to sex well step. One is you have to set the tone early on that you are the leader in this interaction. Now, how do you do that? It'S very simple and it's accumulation of several different. Let'S say behaviors that you display so one you never seek her validation. You never seek her approval in this through in your tone of voice. So, rather than saying hey, do you want to come over here with me and like at the end? You go come over here with me. That could be an example of you isolating her to a different part of the bar. You know want to come with me over here right that goes up. That'S seeking her approval, that's seeking her validation, rather than asking her in a seeking time, type of way just say: hey, let's go over there right grab her hand, hey, let's go over there. It'S not mean it's not me, look manipulative, but it's it's more dominant! All right, rather than asking for her approval, I'm telling her you and I should go over there and instead of going seeking reports, mentality, it's neutral, it's even breaking rapport a little bit right and it's dominant and it's leading and that's the type of things that sets The tone early on that you lead you decide where you're going and you're not seeking her approval at any step of the way. So one of my favorite ways to do that. That'S like early on in the interaction you know, another way that you could do, that is, if you and her back at your place - and maybe you guys are making out - maybe you guys are touching each other feeling each other up, but maybe you haven't had sex With her yet well, rather than fiddling around with her that back strap of her bra or like trying to like you know, sneak her pants off a lot of times, I'll just pause, the make-out session and I'll say take off your bra rather than saying hey. Can you take off your bra like and then you fiddle around and you look like a freakin guy who has no experience taking off bras, just pause and say, take off your bra right and then do the same thing. A few minutes later take off your pants right rather than trying to unbutton her pants without her knowing and then sliding it off after she's so horny she say: hey, take off your pants right, it's dominant its leading and it's not seeking her approval right. So that's step one if you want to get a girl to send nudes and nude photos step two is give her amazing sex have such good sex with her that she's gon na go home and brag to her friends about it. Have such good sex with her that every time she pleasures herself when she's, not with a guy she's thinking about you all right, have amazing sex with her. Now, if you want to know how to have amazing sex with girls - and you know give them that amazing experience where you just take her brain and her mind into the cosmos and make her see multi-color, it's very easy, buy a book or two, these little books Right here right is this not this specific book but like there's a lot of books out there on the topic of sex specifically and how you can have better sex, if not the best sex that she's ever had? There'S no reason that you should know what you're doing in the bedroom. If you really want to have great sex with a girl, if you want to give her an amazing experience, you have no excuse because there's hundreds and hundreds of hundreds of books out there. In fact, just a little spoiler alert, I'm writing a book right now with a hundred and seven proven ways to get the girl and a few of those 107 ways revolve around giving her amazing sex with exact how to's and step-by-step that I gave in the book. But that's that's in a couple months. So don't even worry about that. But my point is by being the guy who leads without ever seeking her approval and also shows a little bit of dominance and then having amazing, amazing, amazing sex with her right and there's. No reason you shouldn't you're setting up step 3, where all you do is tell her to send nudes and a picture. So, let's say you've hypothetically met a girl out at a bar and you led the whole time you were dominant. You told her to take off her bra rather than fiddling with it yourself. You told her hey, let's go over here. I'D rather talk to you over there, where it's quieter, where we can get to know each other right, you lead and you did not seek her approval. Then you let it to a place where you guys were alone. You guys started making out. You escalated physically on her right and then you gave her amazing sex. The next step is a few days later or maybe a week later after you guys hung out after you guys have gotten to know each other few days later. Maybe a couple weeks later start a text conversation with her and tell her send nudes me a picture right say: I'm bored send nudes me picture now. Why does this work so well? Well, because you've already set the tone that you are the type of guy who's going to tell her to do things that you want her to do and not in a manipulative way, not in a domineering way, but in a dominant and attractive way. And then she's. Already turned on at the thought of you because you fucked her so good right now, it's completely natural for you to say: hey, let's do something fun! It'S send nudes me a picture right if you text, for that I guarantee maybe she'll, give you like one or two texts like oh, my god, you're so naughty. But if you hold your frame, if you hold your frame, she will send nudes and that picture gladly. There'S gon na be no resistance. You don't have to convince her like can you please send nudes me a picture of your boobies? None of that right. You'Ve already set the tone of who you are she's, already turned on by you and now you're, just continuing your friend you're continuing the the momentum of what you guys have already built. Okay. That, in my experience, is the number one way to get a girl to send nudes and nude photos of herself and also want to have amazing sex with you in the future right because you've already given her good sex. 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