Can I send nudes to my best friend?

It’s not easy to be a 18 year old girl in 21st century. You are judged all the time i.e. the way you look, clothes you wear and how cool your friends are. This new trend of coolness has given rise to a new concept; sending nude photos to your friends.

But won’t it be dangerous? What if your photo fell in wrong hand? What if you are blackmailed and made to do some unnatural things?  Many girls have fallen into this trap. Despite all that, sending nude pictures is a norm in school and college life. You just can’t ignore it when everyone is doing this.

However, there is a way you can send nudes to your friends i.e. ask their nude photos in return.  This way you won’t be the only one to be on vulnerable side; your friend would be too. Hence, he/she won’t use it for illicit means.

To make exchanging nude photos easy, there is a site called Trade Nudes that allows you to exchange nude photos with your online friends. You and your friend can login and exchange photos there. This way both of you can have fun without any trouble. Its only requirement is that you should be at least 18 years old to send your nude photos.

Sending nude photos is actually a fun activity; but in a healthy way. Make sure you share it on a secure platform like Trade Nudes or Trade apps that allows all members to send their nude pictures at one moment or another. This concept at least guarantees your safety, while other apps and dating site don’t. Just make sure about this concept.