A Story About A First Time Sending Nudes or Trading Nudes

So I have this really good story from the American Girl Tiffany days and if you don't know about that, well, I used to make American growth videos, so this was before snapchat before I G before, really anything else. Oh, I was like nine years old, so I didn't know that people like send nudes. I couldn't know about porn like a know about anything so like I was innocent. Okay. So basically I got this message on YouTube and it was like this is American Girl. We want to make you with the girl of the year. If you don't know, American Girl used to like have special edition dolls that were only available for one year and it was like the Girl of the Year really big deal. One time I got one of them, I was so excited. I got this message and I was like. Oh my god I could be the Girl of the Year. Like all my subscribers could buy dolls of me. I could get me as it all. I can accessorize myself. Basically, it was, I get dream come true, so I'm so excited and I messaged the back, because I'm just like a professional nine year old - and I was like thank you for your consideration. They replied and they were like. We just need your measurements and we're gon na need to Skype with you. I was like, oh well. I mean I my business meeting, my you know, I'm 9 like I can handle myself. So then I told my parents, I got really stressed, and they were just like. Oh my god like show us the messages, and I was here like it seems legit like there. Abby is of the American girl logo. So obviously you like it's real so really same, and then they messaged me again and they're like you're in Skype or SnapFuck. We'Re gon na need you in a bathing suit. So we can really just see your body and get the right measurements and stuff for the doll so that my parents read that and they're like. Oh, my god, you double off this person. I got really scared because it's just the first time as you guys read from the title that I would ever been asked for nudes or anything like that, and I was literally nine years old. So that's like I just got really scared. I made a video that was like belong to this person like he's disguised, and I looked up the username on YouTube and it turns out he was scaring all these Americans really youtuber is trying to get nudes so like well, this story, if you are trying to Get nudes for, like 9 year old to make American Girl videos. You need to have prioritize your life. Go to a mental hospital, get some help go to therapy, maybe just like get off line for a little bit. So now here today joke about sending nudes in ask for this on snapchat all the time. So you know what man you're old me expect this, probably not that's the story of the first time I was asked for nudes and just shout out American girl Jen.