5 different ways to ask for nudes

You desire to see your best friend nude, but can’t ask her; you are scared your friendship will be ruined. She will think of you as pervert, psycho or sexual frustrated guy. So, what would you do? You just can’t ignore your feelings.

Don’t worry; there are ways to ask your GF sensual pictures. These are

·         Trade Nudes: A site where you exchange nude photos with GF.  Ask your GF to browse, convince her to login there and share your nude photos with her.

·         Birthday/Anniversary present:  Take her out for a romantic dinner, movie, whatever she likes. When she is in good mood, ask for nude photo. We bet she would definitely oblige after such a good mood.

·         Shower her with praises : Compliment on her looks, her beautiful eyes, body, dress she wear; and suddenly prompts a message saying you want to see more of her beautiful side.  If she is impressed, she may send you her nude photo and in case she doesn’t keep trying. One day you will definitely succeed.

·         Vacation: Plan a vacation. Make sure that she has the best moments of her life with you. Make gentle love to her and in final moment ask her to send nude pictures so that it can cheer him up whenever you are feeling down.

·         Why not you take the initiative? Why not you take the initiative? You send your nude picture first to make her comfort and in return ask her for that. You can also share a safe terminal like Trade Nudes famous for sharing nude photos.

Bottom line is that you should win your GF trust before asking your nude photo. Be there when she desperately needs you, and see how she submits herself completely to you.